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The best credit cards in Australia

Welcome to Compare Credit Cards Australia. Here we provide update to date information on the best credit card offers and a table of credit card comparisons from the leading banks including ANZ, Citibank, Virgin, and Aussie as well as links to the providers so you can apply for a credit card with their online application on their website. You can also read articles on comparing credit cards, find low interest rate deals, and how to save money in general, with some good financial tips.

Tip: Remember that the lowest interest card isn't always the best one, you should take into consideration the fees as this can ad up to more than the interest you are paying.

Provider Name Interest Free Days (up to) Annual Fee Interest Rate p.a. Balance Transfer p.a.  

Suncorp Standard Credit Card

55 $27.5 first year only 12.74% - apply more info

Citibank Ready Credit (flexible line of credit )

55 $0 18.99% 5.9% for 18 months (flexible line of credit )');">apply more info

Virgin No Annual Fee Card

44 $0 2.9% for the first 6 months 2.9% for 6 months apply more info

Virgin Flyer Card

44 $50 20.99% 1.9% for 9 months apply more info

st george

St.George Vertigo Mastercard

55 $55 13.24% 0% for 8 months apply more info

Virgin High Flyer Card

44 $249 20.99% 1.9% for 9 months apply more info

Citibank Emirates Card

55 $229 20.99% 3.9% for 9 months BTO + 15,000 miles apply more info

st george

St.George Platinum

55 $89 15.99% 0% for 8 months apply more info


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